If your business is looking to advertise in digital newsletters, 
this is the right place.
WebNews Mobile Optimized Newsletters

Tlehs Publishing has been delivering quality printed newsletters for years. We now also deliver WebNews digital newsletters for communities that prefer a low cost alternative to print, or prefer to read their newsletter digitally on their computer, tablet, or phone.

WebNews is not a pdf that is impossible to read on a mobile phone, nor is it an email blast to residents. Our digital newsletters are optimized for each reading device. Click to view a sample WebNews site on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Scroll down to see the various advertising opportunities for your business.

Your ad can be a click-to-call to your phone number, or will take a resident to your website or a landing page. We offer robust landing page build-outs as well with full analytics, or you can link it to a landing page on your website.
WebNews digital newsletter features:
  • Low cost
  • Click to call, click to website, click to landing page
  • 1, 2, and 3 panel rotator display ads
  • Image gallery display ads with click to website or click to landing page
  • Options to link to your website, landing page, email, or phone number
  • Full analytics available
Available now in Aberdeen!
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