If your community is looking for a low cost digital newsletter solution, 
this is the right place.
WebNews Mobile Optimized Newsletters

Tlehs Publishing has been delivering quality printed newsletters for years, and now delivers WebNews digital newsletters to residents who desire to read their newsletter conveniently on their phone while on the go, or on their desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. Statistics are showing the majority of the readership is mobile.

WebNews is not your typical pdf that is impossible to read on a mobile phone, nor is it an email blast to your residents.

WebNews digital newsletters are optimized for the reading device being used. No double taps or pinching is necessary.

With many interactive features, WebNews enables residents to easily communicate within your community to Board members and managers, as well as your community website and other websites too!
WebNews digital newsletter features:
  • Robust editor allows inclusion of unlimited photo galleries, slideshows, and videos View tutorials
  • Interactive links to websites, email, and phone numbers
  • Regularly scheduled or as needed frequency
  • Self publish or we can design and publish for you
  • Full analytics of readership provided
  • Economical alternative to print, as low as $200/year
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