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Tlehs (Tlās) Publishing is your one stop solution to marketing your business to individual communities. Our full color printed and digital newsletters, resident directories, and full color magazines are very cost effective because you eliminate wasted advertising dollars in areas that are out of your service area. 

Because we contract with the majority of our communities, the publications contain news and stories that residents love to read, so your message has the best chance of being seen.

Target an individual community, or take advantage of volume pricing and target communities by county, zip code, or a radius around your business location. You will work with a dedicated and knowledgeable representative that will analyze your needs and develop a campaign to get the most coverage at the best price possible.

Since 1995, Tlehs Publishing has worked with thousands of businesses to help them achieve their goals. You can too!
  • Print Newsletters

    Regularly scheduled, professionally designed, printed, full color newsletters mailed directly to residents.

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  • Print Directories

    Annual and On Demand print directories for year long visibility for your business.

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  • Counterbalanced Magazines

    Full color, bi-monthly magazine mailed to communities with home values up to $4,000,000+

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  • Digital Newsletters

    Interactive newsletters optimized for mobile phones, tablet, and desktop computers.

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  • TlehsEasyAds For Advertisers

    For new or part-time businesses with a limited budget, or if you want to run an ad for less than 3 consecutive times, this self-serve solution is for you.

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